Dear Fellow Republican:

Do you remember how you felt on the morning of November 9, 2016, the day after the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President? Compare that to how you felt the morning of November 4, 2020, the day after the election of “you know who”.

We have now endured almost three years of WOKE politics, economic decline, global embarrassment, record inflation, reckless overspending, government getting ever bigger, the weaponization of the justice system to attack political opponents, and the list goes on. We love the U.S.A. and the most important thing you can do to turn this mess around is to take LOCAL action that makes a big difference. Here at YOUR Wichita County Republican Party, we are working hard to elect conservative, family-oriented, honest men and women (yes, we know the difference) to national, state, and local offices, but we need your help.

What exactly does the Wichita County Republican Party do?

That’s a good question. Here are examples of our work:

  1. Ensure Election Integrity. The right to vote in a free and fair election must be assured. The local GOP recruits, trains, and provides honest and qualified election workers. The Wichita County Republican Party runs the Republican Primary in March and monitors every aspect of the general election in November. That requires considerable planning and work to assure we have fair and transparent elections. Involvement of the GOP in administering our elections is critical to election integrity in Wichita County. Just think of what would happen if Democrats ran the election.
  2. Get Out the Vote. Unfortunately, we have a LOT of room for improvement in Wichita County to improve Republican voter turnout. Safe “red” districts suffer from complacency. This is a huge problem because conservative counties are the “Red Wall” in state and national elections. EVERY VOTE COUNTS to overcome the “Californication” and Democrat Party Machines of large urban counties. With so much out-of-state money pouring into the urban counties funding disastrous liberal policies and laws in Texas, our local efforts have a powerful impact. We must register conservative voters and get the conservative voters to the polls to assure Texas remains Republican.
  3. Outreach to the youth. Young people are not lost and are our future. They hunger for sanity just as we do. Conservative young people need our support and reaching them requires new events, social media campaigns, and increased involvement in churches, schools, and universities. The dividends are already paying off but much more needs to be done.
  4. Support the Party. Wichita County Republican Party is one of 254 Republican County parties in Texas and one of thousands across the nation. It is the network of local parties working together which make the Republican Party the party of everyday, hardworking, traditionally minded Americans. Volunteers and financial supporters here at the Wichita County Republican Party preserve, protect, and promote your values and way of life.

Get involved and make an impact!

We need volunteers and we need your financial support. Donations are needed to make all of these efforts a success and do our part to Keep Texas Red! Please consider giving any amount today.

Those who donate $250, $500, or $1000 per year will automatically be a part of our Chairman’s Circle!

Checks can be mailed to: WCRP, P.O. Box 2012, Wichita Falls, TX 76307.

You may also donate using the link below